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January 2, 2022


In episode 13 of ReBootHealth, I speak with Dave Kuraguntla. Dave is the founder and CEO of Alio, a non-invasive, remote patient monitoring start-up focused on chronic conditions.  Telehealth and remote patient monitoring have been hot areas in venture over the last two years and we talk about Alio’s impact in this area. Dave talks about the importance of finding a tribe for founders, focusing on solving problems rather than building technology, the role incentives play in helping (or hindering) a market, and the role serendipity can play with a founder’s journey. Dave is a classical “scratch the itch” type of founder who saw a problem and needed to solve it. While it sounds easy, Dave reminds us of many valuable lessons when building ventures in the health care market. If you’re a founder take note of his 4 “P’s”, it’s a good reminder of what it takes to get product adoption for health care innovation. As always, I hope you find the episode valuable.

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While medicine has advanced over the last several decades, with new treatments and diagnostic tools, the delivery of health care for the average patient remains as fragmented and inefficient as it was over two decades ago.


Digital technology has directly touched and improved almost every aspect of our lives…except maybe health care. Have you become disenchanted with the notion of health care entering the 21st century?  Well, this podcast will introduce you to the brilliant entrepreneurs, investors, and academics building the world of digital health care. If you're a founder ready to enter the space but not sure how, or are all ready here and want to learn from others, this podcast is for you.

Amol Deshpande has been a physician in the Canadian health system for over 25 years. Come join him on a journey of discovery to learn from individuals determined to change the health system from the bottom up. Listen to their trials, tribulations, and successes as they create a health system for the digital age and ReBoot Health.


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