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June 2, 2021

In the first episode of ReBootHealth, I interview Joshua Liu, CEO/founder of SeamlessMD. We touch on a lot of points in this podcast with Joshua including how he got started, navigating the pull of healthcare customers, early wins, and the role of peer-review evidence in supporting your venture. Joshua had a lot of great insight as an early-stage entrepreneur and hopefully, his learnings can help others thinking about moving down this path. I hope you enjoy today’s discussion with Joshua Liu. 

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   The Show

While medicine has advanced over the last several decades, with new treatments and diagnostic tools, the delivery of health care for the average individual remains as fragmented and inefficient as it was over two decades ago.


Digital technology has touched and improved almost every aspect of our lives…except maybe health care. Have you ever wondered why that is? Have you become disenchanted with the notion of health care entering the 21st century?  Well, this podcast will introduce you to the brilliant entrepreneurs, investors, and academics changing the world of digital health care—all for the better. If you're ready to enter the space but not sure how, or are in the field and want to learn from others, this podcast is for you.

Amol Deshpande has been a physician in the Canadian health system for over 25 years. Come join him on a journey of discovery to learn from individuals determined to change the health system from the bottom up. Listen to their trials, tribulations, and successes as they create a health system for the digital age and ReBoot Health.


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